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Brewing Suggestions

Brewing Suggestions

1. To maintain freshness, store coffee whole bean in an airtight container. Itís best to grind just enough coffee for each individual pot, right before brewing.
2. Use the right grind for your brew method. The faster the brewing method, the finer the grind should be. If your coffee is weak or watery, the grind may be too coarse. If itís kind of bitter, maybe too much coffee or too fine a grind has been used.
3. Use the proper amount of coffee. The recommended amount is two level TBS of grounds for 6oz. of water. This can be adjusted to fit your taste.
4. Start with good, cold water. Coffee is 98% water so if the water tastes funny, the coffee will taste funny.
5. Enjoy fresh coffee immediately or keep it in a thermal Carafe.

1. Keep coffee whole bean until ready to use.
2. Store beans in an airtight container in cabinet, refrigerator or freezer. If you freeze, thaw a weeks supply at a time.
3. Keep straight and flavored coffees separate.

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