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Please use the following to help you decide:

Acidity – This desirable characteristic determines the “brightness” of the brew
Aroma – Provides hints of flavor & overall character
Body – Perceived thickness and “mouth feel”
Flavor – The overall attributes of taste & aroma


Colombia Supremo
Medium body with moderate acidity, rich creamy texture and distinctive berry-like aroma

Brazil Santos
Complex aroma, taste and mouth-feel that is sweet and lingering

Pleasant combination of tangy acidity and complex spicy aroma with wonderful balance. Well balanced with more body than most Central American beans

Papua New Guinea
Rich full-bodied Indonesian with a slight Latin-like acidity


Fast Eddie's Espresso
Designed for espresso, but makes a great drip or press. Blended from around the globe and roasted for huge aroma and body. Smooth

Endo's Blend
This blend balances the full body and syrupy richness of Indonesian with the smoky, spiciness of Central America. Smooth and rich. Great with dessert


Medium roasted regular and decaf beans have been enhanced with the following flavors:
Hazelnut, Southern Pecan, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Nut
flavor flavor

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