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So what is Endo’s Coffee Roastery all about anyway? Let’s answer the universal $20,000 question...Why are we here? The short answer is, “Because we are obsessed with coffee.” Gotta love it! The longer answer goes something like this:

Two childhood buddies grow up, and graduate from college. The next part is a little bit fuzzy, but somehow the idea of a coffee house and the best coffee and espresso begins to germinate. The beans have been planted!

After developing their expertise in “all things coffee”, the two set about creating what is to become Aspen Coffee Company in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Upon choosing a site, the young men proceed to (as young men will) bite off more than a mouthful. Before proper supervision can intervene, the two have completely demolished the interior of two nice stores and made one rather large mess. Now, faced with the formidable task of making a coffee house out of four bare walls and a pile of rubble, the friends dust themselves off, pick the paint chips out of their hair and head off to the lumber yard.

Fast forward a few weeks and...no, they haven’t strangled each other. They are serving coffee. They even win a state-wide interior remodeling award.

As we mentioned before, our heroes are obsessed with coffee and have continued to pursue the perfect cup. This pursuit leads to some pretty strange and highly caffeinated behavior…and another idea…to roast the best coffee imaginable. From this idea Endo’s is born. The guys at Endo’s have a great time roasting your coffee and creating blends. The real fun, however, is sharing their coffee with other coffee lovers. Your coffee should be something special. Sure, you can choke down a brew from some faceless conglomerate, but why? Coffee can change your life if you let it. We have!

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